AS Läätsa Kalatööstus

a subsidiary of AS Hiiu Kalur, was established in 1999.

AS Hiiu Kalur and its related companies own 13 trawlers that catch domestic sprat and baltic herring in Estonian waters. Approximately 50,000 tonnes of fish are caught and processed each year, representing 10% of the total Baltic herring and sprat quota.

In the very first years of operation, we were engaged in the production and sale of canned fish. Today, our main activities are the production and sale of spiced sprat, culinary products, seafood and frozen baltic sprat and Baltic herring.


Since 2014, AS Läätsa Kalatööstus has been recognized with an international MSC certificate.

The MSC label indicates that it is known exactly how and where the fish was caught. The label also guarantees that there has been minimal damage to nature when fishing for this fish. All certified companies are responsible for sustainable fishing and meet the fishing standards set by the MSC.